Gorilla Playsets Big Skye II wooden swing set review

Gorilla Playsets Big Skye II wooden swing set

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If you would like your kids to get some exercise and participate in really fun and entertaining outdoor activities in the safety of your back yard, then you simply need to get a playground system. These amazing products will essentially turn your back yard into a state of the art and really fun playground, providing your children with countless hours of fun, exercise and entertainment in the process.

When it comes to playground systems, the Gorilla Playsets Big Skye II is widely considered to be one of the best and most entertaining on the market. What sets it apart from the competition on top of its many features and its large size is the fact that it’s made entirely out of factory stained Cedar lumber that is essentially resistant to damage caused by nature, weather and even insects. Let’s have a more detailed look at it.


  • The Gorilla Playsets Big Skye II playground system set features two play decks, a large one measuring 7 feet across and a smaller one measuring 5 feet.
  • The play decks are both elevated but placed at different levels and they are both covered by a specially designed wooden roof that will keep water and the elements away from your kids, while they’re playing.
  • It comes equipped with three different slides: a straight one, a wavy one and the piece de resistance: a twisty tunnel slide!
  • It features a regular swing set, as well as a specially designed glider swing.
  • It comes equipped with really fun trapeze bars.
  • Featuring a climbing wall that has been specially engineered for children, it also comes with a climbing rope for your kids to climb.
  • It comes equipped with much fun extra stuff that your kids can use in their games, including a telescope, a periscope and even a built-in picnic table.


Like all Gorilla playsets, the Big Skye II wooden swing set is also very easy to put together since it comes with a really detailed and easy to read manual that is full of diagrams, most of them in 3D that will greatly help you put it together as fast as possible. Please note that the Gorilla Playsets Big Skye II is one of the biggest playground sets out there, so the assembly should take you at least a day at the very least. It is highly advised that you bring some friends and family who are handy with tools or know a thing or two about construction to help you. The more people working to put this play set together, the sooner it will be done.

Please note that although all the lumber and pieces needed to put this set together are included in the package and clearly labeled, you will need to have some tools handy during the assembly process, including some wrenches, clamps and a power drill. If you don’t feel like you can handle the construction of something that big, you can always call the people at Gorilla Playsets and have them send someone to assemble it for you; they will charge you extra for that though…

Consumer issues and concerns:

The people who have bought the Gorilla Playsets Big Skye II playset are pretty happy with it, however some of them have a couple of minor complaints. One of the most common complaints is that putting together the twisty slide is very frustrating and time consuming. It is highly recommended that you have at least one other person helping you when you start putting it together. Using dowels and clamps when connecting its pieces will also help speed up the process and reduce frustration. Another complaint is that the distance between the roof and the play decks is not too great.

Gorilla Playsets Blue Ridge Navigator playground system review

Gorilla Playsets Blue Ridge Navigator

I’m sure that when you were a kid you dreamed about having a playground in your own back yard, well nowadays you can make this dream come true, for your children. Playground play sets will fill your back yard with cool and fun games and activities and essentially turn it into a fully featured playground! When it comes to playground play sets, those made by the Gorilla Playsets company are considered by many parents to be the best on the market. Their latest model, the Gorilla Playsets Blue Ridge Navigator Playground system is one of the best they have ever made. Not only is it full of diverse and fun activities, it’s also made entirely out of factory sealed, high quality Cedar wood that not only is very resistant when it comes to damage and erosion caused by nature and insects, but is also really easy to clean and maintain.


  • The Gorilla Playsets Blue Ridge Navigator Playground set features a very large 4 ft by 6 ft elevated play deck that is covered by a specially designed roof that will keep the rain, as well as the harmful rays of the sun away from your children, while playing in it.
  • It is also equipped with 10-foot long Extreme Wave Slide that your kids will absolutely love.
  • The play set also features monkey bars that come with specially designed powder covered rungs.
  • The set also includes a swing set with two swings, whose height can be set in three different positions, based on the current height of your kids. The swing set is also equipped with a trapeze bar, complete with rings.
  • This amazing playground system also comes equipped with a specially designed climbing wall, complete with rock shaped foot and hand holds, as well as a climbing rope.

Putting it together:

Seeing just how big the Gorilla Playsets Blue Ridge Navigator is may make you think that to assemble it will be pretty hard, but appearances can be deceiving.

Thanks to the very detailed instructions that it comes with, which contain numerous 3D diagrams, and the fact that all wooden pieces, great and small, are clearly labeled; the assembly process is really easy and it can be done by practically anyone. Granted though, the 8 hour estimate of the manufacturer is a bit optimistic, but you should be done in about 12 hours.

Please note that this play set is pretty big and since it’s made out of Cedar wood, some of its pieces can actually be quite heavy, so I suggest you have some of your friends or family around to help you out when you’re putting it together. You will also need a power drill as well as a square head screw driver.

Consumer concerns:

“Nobody’s perfect” (in this case, ‘nothing is perfect’), as the old saying goes. So it’s no wonder some people who bought the Gorilla Playsets Blue Ridge Navigator Playground System have made some minor complaints, many of which are pretty easy to solve. The first thing that they point out is the fact that it comes in numerous really heavy packages that will take up a lot of space in your back yard or garden. We highly suggest that you remove all stuff you won’t need for a few days from your yard or garden before the play set arrives and before you start unpacking it. Also, a couple of people have said that some pieces were missing from their packages, but they were quickly replaced after they called the manufacturer. Just make sure you check that everything is there before you start making the play set. It’s better to find out if you’re missing something before you start building it than in the middle of the assembly process, don’t you agree?

Skyfort All-Cedar play set review

Skyfort All-Cedar play set

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If you happen to own a house with a large back yard and you have children, then the absolute best thing you can do for them is install a playground set for them to play in. This will provide them with countless hours of fun and entertainment; it will also save you from having to take them to the playground all the time. The Skyfort All-Cedar play set in particular is considered by many parents and reviewers alike, to be the best and most fun for the kids. What sets it apart from the other play sets out there is the fact that it essentially combines a tree house with a playground play set! Another unique thing about them is the fact that, as their name suggests, this amazing play set is made entirely out of high quality Cedar wood.


  • The club house, which sort of like a tree house (except that it’s not on top of a tree!), features closed walls and a roof, so your kids can spend all the time they want in it, safe from the elements. It also comes equipped with a crow’s nest.
  • The play set includes a wave slide, a swing set and even monkey bars.
  • If your kids love climbing then they will love this playset since it features both a climbing wall and ladders for them to climb.
  • Since this play set is made entirely out of Cedar wood, you won’t have to worry about them degrading because of the weather or insects.

How to assemble the Skyfort All-Cedar play set?

It might look pretty big, but the Skyfort cedar playset with slide is really easy to put together. They come with really detailed and easy to follow instructions that cover every single step of the assembly process. One thing you should keep in mind is that in some printing of the instructions there is a typo in step 88 which confused some consumers. The instructions don’t mention that you should drill the holes yourself before inserting the spike nuts in the wood. It goes without saying that when making something this big made out of wood, you should always keep your drill and other tools nearby.

Because of its large, assembly will most likely take you some time. In order to speed up the process you can have some of your (grown-up) friends help you. What you should definitely do before you start though, either with friends or alone, is organize and label all the pieces. This will save you a great deal of time and it will make assembly even easier.

Common user concerns

There are a couple of minor concerns about the Skyfort All-Cedar swing set. The first one I mentioned above: there are some typos in the manual, however you can find and print the correct version on line. Another thing that you should keep in mind is that because there are hundreds of bits and pieces necessary to put the play set together, you need take an inventory of all the items that got shipped to you, using the instructions as reference. If you find something missing, not very likely but it could happen, email the people from the Adventure Playsets Company (its manufacturer) and they will send you a replacement in no time. Speaking of parts, you will need A LOT of space in your back yard while building the play set, so make sure you take all unnecessary stuff away before you start unpacking the pieces and putting them together.

Gorilla Playsets Outing III Playset review

Gorilla Playsets Outing III playground systemNo matter how many toys you buy your children, they will always want you to take them to the playground and to be honest, they have a point. The activities they can partake in and the games they can play there are way more fun than any toys they own, as I’m sure you know. But what can you do if you simply don’t have enough time to spend on taking them to the park or playground? Well, the answer is simple: you can bring the playground in your back yard! With the new Gorilla Playsets Outing III Playground System, you will have all the cool features found in a playground, including a slide and swing set, right in your back yard. This amazing play set is also made out of cedar wood, so you can be sure that it will last you a long time.


  • The Outing III Playground by Gorilla Playsets comes with all cool games and activities found in playgrounds and parks, including a rock wall and climbing rope for your kids to climb, a specially designed wave slide and a swing set.
  • It also features an elevated 4 x 4 feet play area, complete with a canopy made out of Marine grade vinyl that will keep the rain and the other elements away from your children while they’re playing.
  • It comes with fun extra features such as a rotating plastic telescope,a steering wheel and a flag set that your kids can use in their games and adventures.
  • This amazing playground play set also comes equipped with a sandbox for your kids to play safely in.
  • It’s made entirely out of sealed Cedar lumber, which makes it practically impervious to rotting caused by the elements and insects.

How to assemble:

Despite its large size and many features, the Gorilla Playsets Outing III Play set is really easy to assemble! It comes with a really detailed and well written instruction manual that will take you through every step of the process with clear and easy to follow instructions, as well as 3D diagrams that clarify matters even more. Also, all the wooden pieces and all the other parts come already labeled which is really convenient and will really help speed up the process. The manual states that the whole thing should take you about seven hours, but for most people that may be a little optimistic. You should be done in about 10 hours though.

Everything you’ll need to put the playground system together, from nuts and bolts to the lumber, will be shipped to you. Just make sure that you have a drill handy when putting the play set together, in order to safely widen some holes in case they feel too tight for the screws and bolts to go through.

Consumer concerns:

The people who bought the Gorilla Playsets Outing III Playground equipment are generally really happy with it; however some had a few minor complaints that were really solved. Someone mentioned that a couple of bolts were missing from his package, however they could be found in any hardware store and they cost next to nothing, so he chose to go buy them there, rather than take the free replacements offered by the manufacturer. Another issue reported by a consumer is that you may need to use a Dremel tool in order to set the torque nuts correctly. Again, it goes without saying, that when building something this big, you should always have all your tools close by to solve problems like that.

Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play Set review

Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play Set

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If you are ready to have a big swing set in your back yard then the Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play Set will keep your kids occupied and having fun for years to come. It includes two belt swings, a trapeze swing and a propeller swing, but also has an activity chalkboard, a 3-D climbing wall, a wavy slide, cargo net, over-sized binoculars and a deck clubhouse with a captain’s wheel.

This set which comes in earthtones (green, brown, tan), includes a powder-coated steel A-shaped frame, and molded components made from high-density polyethylene that can be set up easily.

The play set is designed to be free-standing, low-maintenance with no additional work such as painting or staining required.

Key Features

  • The Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play set offers a great way for your kids to enjoy a healthy lifestyle whilst doing physical activities.
  • As an outdoor play set for children, it has many activities for adventurous kids
  • It has 4 great swings, a club house, 3-D climbing wall, a wavy slide and much more
  • It is free standing, can be constructed in a few hours.
  • Resistant to all-weather
  • Attains to all ASTM and CSPC Performance and safety specifications
  • No hard edges
  • Pinch and snag-free swing chains
  • A-shaped power-coated steel frame and zinc and rubber coated swings.
  • Five-year limited warranty covering any manufacturing defects.
  • Requires an area of 13ft 11inches by 15 ft by 9 inches

How to assemble a Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play set?

The play set comes with well-organized and easy to follow instructions that will guide you through how to construct it.

Putting the play set together is not difficult; it’s just there are a lot of steps to follow. Ensure you read through the assembly steps thoroughly and don’t skip parts as you work your way through. If you find any parts that are missing, damaged or defective, then contact Lifetime customer support for any replacement parts you need.

Get friends to help you put it together as it is hard work on your own. This will cut down your construction time considerably! Users report and an assembly time of between three to eight hours depending on how many people you have working with you, and how handy they are with construction.

Here are some tips to help you speed up the assembly process:

  • It really helps to have a level surface to place it on; otherwise you will have to spend time leveling the site. This really matters in the long term.
  • You will need a safety zone of 27 ft 9 inches x 29 ft 8 inches around the play set, at a minimum.
  • Before constructing it is worth inventorying the parts to get a feel of the assembly process. Being organized can save a lot of time!
  • The majority of the work in assembling will involve bolting the parts together using allen bolts so having a drill with an allen piece or even a ratcheting set will really help you with this.
  • Assemble the roof of the clubhouse on the ground before hoisting it into place.
  • You will not need to anchor the play set in place because it is freestanding and will hold up on its own.

User Reviews on the Lifetime Big Stuff Adventure Play Set

“Looking around at the various stores for a good play set for our kids, we were searching for something that was going to be long-lasting and within our budget as well. I have to say that the Lifetime Big Stuff play set has been just great for us. It took a while to construct, and it was worth getting friends in to help put it together, but the hard work paid off. It looks great in our backyard, is safe to use, extremely durable and they have been playing on it for hours on end! It is great to see them outside enjoying themselves rather than being glued to the Xbox!!”

-Mum of 3 from Colarado


Gorilla Blue Ridge Chateau II Playset review

Gorilla Blue Ridge Chateau II Playset


Nowadays a lot of young children are simply glued to their televisions, video game consoles and computers and they simply won’t leave the house! Well, if your house has a big backyard there is something you can do to address that problem. A lot of backyard play sets have recently found their way onto the market and they will help you turn your yard into a fully featured playground. If that doesn’t make your kids leave the house, then nothing will!


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The Gorilla Blue Ridge Chateau II playset is one of the best backyard playground sets out there! It is made of wood and it comes with everything you’d expect to find in a playground, including swings and even a slide! Let’s take a more detailed look at it.

Key Features:

The structural beams used to make this amazing set are made entirely of pine wood with multiple protective coatings, which means that you will never need to do any maintenance on them! The beams will always look as good as the day they were bough!

The set includes a huge 4′ x 6′ play deck!

The Gorilla Blue Ridge Chateau II Playset/swing comes equipped with many of the most popular playground toys, games and activities, including:

  • 2 swings with specially designed plasticol coate chains for maximum safety
  • A wall that has been designed for climbing, complete with a climbing rope
  • A 10 foot long slide
  • A built-in picnic table
  • The set also includes a huge sand box for your children to play in!

How to assemble the gorilla playsets blue ridge chateau playground system?

The Gorilla Blue Ridge Chateau II Playset doesn’t come pre-assembled, which makes sense since it is pretty big. You are going to have to put it together yourself, but there’s no need to worry: the assembly process is rather simple and the set includes a very informative and easy to follow instruction manual that also features several 3-D diagrams and pictures to make the instructions as clear and easy to follow as possible.

All the wooden pieces and beams are pre-cut so you won’t need a chainsaw or something like that to cut, you’ll only have to put them together, using the detailed instructions and the bolts and screws included in the package. You may have to use some powered screw drivers or drills in order to make sure that the bolts are in as tightly as possible. In other words, just follow the instructions and you’ll have no problem at all.

Please note that this set it very large and it contains many pieces, some of which are pretty heavy! Don’t expect to be finished in a couple of hours, especially if you work alone. The assembly is estimated to take a single person no less than 12 hours. If you think that that’s too much for you, you can have the people from Gorilla to come over your home and assemble it for you. Be advised that they will charge you extra for that service though.

Consumer concerns:

As the saying goes, “nobody is perfect” and consumers have mentioned some problems with the Gorilla Blue Ridge Chateau II swing set, they are pretty minor and easy to solve though! One buyer reported that certain pieces were missing or damaged when he received the set, however those were quickly replaced after he contacted Gorilla’s customer support. Another user said that some of the holes on the beams were not large enough for the screws and bolts to easily pass through them, but he solved this problem by using a power drill to make them larger. In other words, just keep a drill handy during assembly and you will be fine!

Little Tikes Endless Adventures Swing Along Castle review

Little Tikes Endless Adventures Swing Along Castle

The Little Tikes Endless Adventures Swing Along Castle is one of the most unique and popular play sets out there! It comes equipped with a slide and two slides, but what really sets it apart from the other play sets, is the fact that it is made out of plastic instead of wood and metal, making it easier to assemble, more lightweight and more compact! In fact, because of its very compact size, it can even be set up inside the house too!

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Key features:

The Little Tikes Endless Adventures Swing Along Castle is one of the most compact and lightweight playground play sets on the market, which will allow you to set it up in your house as well as on your back yard

  • It features a swing that comes equipped with a specially designed 3-point belt for maximum safety
  • It comes equipped with a specially designed slide with a gentle incline for safer and softer landings
  • It features a plastic telescope and a steering wheel, both of which can rotate a full 360 degrees, which will provide your kids with countless hours of fun and imaginative play!
  • It also features a climbing wall that has been specially designed for kids who have just begun to learn how to climb.

How to assemble:

The Little Tikes Endless Adventures Swing Along Castle is actually very simple and easy to assemble! It doesn’t contain many pieces and parts and they are made of plastic, which makes them extremely lightweight and easy for someone to handle by himself, without the assistance of others. The assembly process is just like that of a toy, only in a slightly bigger scale!

The set contains really detailed instructions and diagrams to help you along. It’s so simple that some people have been able to put it together simply by looking at the picture on the cover.

You will have to secure some of the parts into place using bolts and screws, but they are all included in the package. Please note that you may have to open or widen some holes on the bigger pieces by yourself, so I suggest that you keep a drill or a nail gun handy while putting this play set together.

The box says that the assembly shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes. That estimate is a bit too optimistic but it’s not that far from the truth. Most users have been able to put it together in one or two hours tops.

Consumer concerns:

Like with all products, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind when buying the Little Tikes Endless Adventures Swing Along Castle! First of all, the ages indicated on the package, kids aged between 12 months and 4 years, are indicative and in some cases a bit optimistic. Check out the dimensions of the product and compare them with height of your child to make sure that the product is right for him or her or that he or she won’t outgrow it really soon! Also, keep in mind that this play set is made of plastic, so it is not as sturdy as those made of wood and metal. As long as you keep in mind the weight limits indicated on the package, you will be absolutely fine.

Swing – N – Slide Chesapeake Wood Complete Ready-To-Assemble Swing Set Kit

Swing - N - Slide Chesapeake Wood Complete ready to build swing set kit

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Provide your loved ones with a worthwhile activity zone and let them enjoy a whole lot of imaginative adventure, bring in the Swing – N – Slide Chesapeake Wood Complete Ready – To Assemble Swing Set Kit to your back or front yard and make your own playground!  Featuring the award-winning Rapid LOC bracket system, this play set Kit has everything in its box to help speed up assembly.  All the needed materials for a durable and safe playground set are made of wood which are all pre-cut premium lumbers with poly-coated uprights to give you comfort.

This complete play set is designed for fun and recreation, thus, giving the whole family enough space for creative activities on its deck while enjoying a quick picnic and other sandbox games on its lower deck.


Swing-N-Slide Chesapeake Wood Ready-To-Assemble Swing Set review

Chesapeake play set is a great way to afford your children with fun and playful experiences which can last for a very long time.  You will see its worth the moment you open the box and find the kit includes everything that you need for a complete swing and slide set.

Key Features:

  • All pre-cut premium lumbers and poly-coated uprights
  • Rapid-LOC Bracket System which has won a prestigious award
  • A fully illustrated and easy to understand plans for easy assembly
  • A Climbing Wall in 8 rocks to aid your children in climbing
  • A Cool Wave Slide
  • Two Swing Seats in extra-heavy duty quality
  • Monkey bars and End Ladder
  • A Ring and Trapeze combo
  • Two Play Decks, measuring 24 sq. ft in total
  • Safety handles for easy grips
  • A 13 oz Extra-Duty Pleated Canopy (purposely for outdoor protection when the sun is too hot)
  • Picnic bench and a Rung Ladder
  • Anchor-It kit

Its deck has an estimated height of 4’ and 5’, respectively, and when assembled, the set has a total dimension of 15’W x 17 L x 11’H and is very suitable for backyard residential use with only a space requirement of 26.6’ x 28.6’ including the safe zone around this playset.


Setting-up the Swing – N – Slide Chesapeake Swing Set Kit

Building the play set kit is a breeze. As it is a ready-to-assemble play set with fully illustrated plans, it can be built by only two persons in a maximum of five or six hours.  You will only need a power drill, a Phillips bit, a square, a measuring tape and a socket set, however, self-drilling fasteners and torx-head bit are also provided with the kit to help you in mounting the complete Wood Chesapeake Swing Set.  It is so simple and easy.  Before the day is over, you will see your children’s happy and excited faces as they run and play around your newly-built playground.

But wait!  This is what the product ad specifies.  But let us note what actual users say about the product.

User Reviews:


Almost all users commended this Wood Complete Chesapeake Ready-to-Assemble play set kit.  Most of them said that the playground swing-n-slide set is an excellent buy for their money.  They were too happy to see their kids enjoying their time with the play set.  They said the swing set is just what their children need, to keep them busy the whole day playing and having so much fun.  Some users believe in the durability of the play set saying that it can stand the test of time.  It does not wear out despite long use, making the swing set a useful corner in their backyard.


These actual users could have given the ready-to-assemble play set a five-star rating, had it not been for the misleading set-up time of only 5 to 6 hours, which they believe is not quite true.  Most of them experienced a long assembly time with some lasting up to 3 days the most.  Thus, setting-up the play set is not as easy as described and advertised.  Some users also commented that the instructions given in the illustrated plans are insufficient and confusing.  A few users experienced shortage in wood; however, this was not so much of a problem as the company has willingly sent additional wood-cuts to complete their set.

Tips to aid the assembly of the Swing n slide Chesapeake Wood swing set:

Now, here are some tips that actual users pointed out to help assemble the Swing – N – Slide Chesapeake Wood Complete Ready – To Assemble Swing Set Kit:

  • Check on the number of wood pieces upon opening the box
  • Make sure that all the needed pieces are there
  • Separate the parts or materials before you begin the installation
  • Read the instructions thoroughly before installing
  • Have a tape measure handy during the installation
  • Be warned:  there are many wood pieces with almost similar measurements, make sure that the right pieces are placed in the appropriate places
  • Check on washers on the picnic table, replace what needs to be replaced
  • Be patient in building the swing set, it is not an easy thing to do, expect to finish in 3 days

There you have it.  This complete ready-to-assemble swing-n-slide set kit can be a perfect hang-out corner for your kids at home. :)